Pallottine Mission

Saint Vincent Pallotti never left Italian territory and rarely went outside Rome. This did not prevent him from seeing the needs of the world and of the Church with global vision. For nine years he was spiritual director of the Propaganda Fide College where priests from the mission countries studied.

Therefore he had contact with many people in these countries. The concern of Saint Vincent Pallotti for the proclamation of the Gospel throughout the world was an important driving force of his apostolic activities in the sphere of the Union of Catholic Apostolate. Help for the missions was expressed in the form of support for the construction of churches, and the sending of publications and liturgical items.

The tangible aspect of this Pallottine activity is that the Society carried from 1854 to 1947 the official title “Pious Society of the Missions”. Pallottine missionaries laid the foundations of the young local Churches in many countries of Latin America, Africa and Asia. Today the Society works in many mission countries throughout the world.