The Structure of the Society of Catholic Apostolate
The Society of the Catholic Apostolate as a society of apostolic life has a threefold hierarchical structure. The highest administrative body is the General Administration, which has its headquarters in Rome.

The second level of organization is constituted by the so-called Provinces and Regions. These are independent, organizational entities which have a certain number of members. The Provincial/Regional Leadership coordinates the life and activity of the respective entity, makes personnel decisions and is responsible for the spiritual and communal life of the members. The superiors of such entities are called Provincial or Regional Rectors. The Society is divided into 12 Provinces and 8 Regions. Each one of has a proper name, which, at the same time, determines its titular and patronal feast. On the third organizational level we have the Local Communities, in which the Pallottines live and work. In the whole world around 300 canonically erected Local Communities exist. Some of them are small and consist of three or four members, and the others (i.e. houses of formation, major seminaries) have larger number of members.

The Composition of the General Administration
The General Administration is elected every six years by the General Assembly in which the confreres who represent the various Pallottine communities around the world participate. The present General Administration was elected in October 2016. The General Administration is made up of the General Council, consisting of the Rector General and four consultors. Each of the five members of the General Council represents one of the principle languages or the geographical regions and cultures of the Society. The present General Council has representatives of the German, Polish, French-Italian, English and Portuguese-Spanish languages. Along with the General Council, the following are part of the General Administration: the Procurator General, the Secretary General and the Bursar General. The Procurator General is responsible for the contacts between the Society and the Holy See, the General Secretary is responsible for the ordinary functioning of the Administration and the General Bursar is responsible for the administration of the goods and finances of the Society.


Generalato dei Pallottini Piazza S. Vincenzo Pallotti,
204 I – 00186 Rome