Volunteers urgently required

Are you able to volunteer?

St Joseph’s will shortly be able to open once again initially for private prayer and with a restricted attendance.

Masses and other services are likely to be some further weeks down the line.

However, we can only open the church if we have enough volunteers to ensure social distancing  and sanitising requirements are met.

Please contact Fr Greg or Margaret Sinclair if you are able to assist with stewarding and/or cleaning/sanitising in order to allow the Church to open for private prayer and, in due course, for the return of public Mass.

What we are able to do in the coming weeks will depend entirely on the availability of volunteers.


Fr Greg                                                                      Margaret Sinclair

Tel: (01382) 229 099                                                                       Tel: (01382) 642979

Mob: 07598 113842                                                                        Mob:     07514 327855

Email: stjosephdundee@dunkelddiocese.org.uk                Email: margaret.sinclair9@gmail.com


What is involved in this new form of Welcome Ministry?

Primarily, the task is to ensure that, when Churches are open, anyone coming to the Church can be guided to enter or leave safely. The Welcome Ministry is there to enable safe entry into the Church building, to ensure social distancing whilst in the Church and then to facilitate a safe exit from the building. More details are provided in the Information for new Welcome Ministry leaflet which can be provided.

Who is eligible to become a volunteer with the Welcome Ministry?

Male and female parishioners who already volunteer with children, young people or vulnerable adults and have previously completed all the stages of safe recruitment.

Any other parishioner who is not already a volunteer and does not meet the exclusion criteria below.

Who is excluded from becoming a volunteer with the Welcome Ministry?

Even considering excluding anyone from wanting to volunteer might seem a difficult concept. The reasons for the first two excluded groups are very obvious and are applied to all safeguarding roles consistently across Scotland. Some of the other excluded groups might be difficult to accept, but this decision has been made following professional medical advice. A safe approach must be consistently implemented.

  • Anyone who is Listed and Barred from any paid or voluntary role with children or adults.
  • Anyone who is a Registered Sex Offender
  • Anyone under the age of 16.
  • Anyone who has underlying health conditions which require shielding.
  • Anyone who has a long-term health condition which requires the annual flu vaccination.


This new voluntary role will not be regulated work and therefore will NOT require a PVG. However, training and support for those who are generously willing to take on this role is a priority.

If you are interested and can help – please contact Fr Greg or Margaret Sinclair in the first instance.

We can provide those interested with an information leaflet which explains the role.

If you are already an active volunteer and are doing work in the parish in one of the ministries, we will ask you to complete Application Form A.

If you are new to any volunteer role in the parish then we will ask you to complete Form B.

Those 16 – under 18 will complete Form C.

There will be further information, training and support given to ensure that you are comfortable in the role.

Please do not be ‘put off’ by the form filling – it is very simple – and your help is needed if we are to be able to get the church open for private prayer.

Cleaning and Sanitising Recruitment

We will be required to clean and sanitise the church after every private prayer opening. There will be very limited areas where those visiting the church can go and each seating area will be clearly marked and numbered. Only the seating areas that have been used will need to be sanitised and also any areas that might have been touched/handled such as door handles, switches, pew backs. It will be important to limit cleaning as much as possible by keeping doors open and ensuring that those on stewarding observe what people do when entering/leaving the church so that they can advise if any further areas need sanitising.

Protective equipment will be provided to both the Welcome Team and the Sanitising Team and full training will be given on how to clean/sanitise particular areas.

What are the planned opening hours for Private Prayer?

The first time that the church will be open is on Sunday 28 June and it will open for 4 separate hours and this allows for cleaning between each hour session. This will be the pattern for Sundays going forward and this will only change when the Mass service is allowed or the need increases/decreases. The weekday times are planned – but not yet finalised – for 1 hour, 11.00 to 12.00 – on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

This information should allow you to understand the voluntary requirement that we need. If we cannot get sufficient stewards/cleaners to both control and to sanitise, the opening hours would have to be reduced accordingly.