New Sunday Masses & Booking Procedure


MASS 10.00am – Mass in English

*MASS 12.00 noon – Mass in Polish (English elements)

*Booking procedure for this Mass is on page ‘Updated Message from Fr Greg’.

Sunday Holy Mass – reserve a seat.
For the present, the maximum attendance at any Mass will be 50 people. The 2m rule is remaining in force at present. We will open 30 minutes before the start of the Sunday Mass.   Remember to bring a face covering as this is a requirement.
The Sunday obligation remains suspended, so we would encourage you to attend one Mass a week, regardless of the day. If our congregation is spread out over the whole week rather than all coming on a Sunday this may be an effective way to allow everyone to attend Mass at least once a week, and since the Sunday liturgy is being minimised just now the weekday liturgy will not be noticeably different from the Sunday Liturgy.

Track & Trace: We must record the names and contact details of all attendees to pass on to the NHS in the event of a coronavirus outbreak in a parish. It would make sense and help us if you came with this already prepared on a piece of paper as it would facilitate quick access into the Church. If not, your details can be taken on entering the Church. The information will be only used to contact you should there be someone in the congregation at the same Mass who develops symptoms of the virus.

Booking Procedure:-
To book a seat/s for the 10.00am Sunday Mass, please telephone 07707 698111. Calls will be taken on Thursday and Friday between the hours of 15.00 to 17.00 and 19.00 to 21.00 ONLY and Saturday between the hours of 15.00 to 17.00 ONLY.

Seats are very limited due to social distancing requirements. There are 5 single seats, 19 single/double and 6 family seats (maximum 4/5) available. Double and family seats can only be booked if you are part of the same household or bubble.

For the Masses during the week – Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday – you do not need to book as numbers attending are moderate and there should always be room to accommodate you. Seats for the Sunday Mass can be booked through the telephone booking system or directly in the Church whilst attending the previous Sunday Mass or any Mass during the week. If you wish to reserve seating each Sunday continuously, this can also be arranged.  Stewards can take your request details.