Parish Priest



Dear Friends and Parishioners,

Our Church of St Joseph’s is now closed and all Masses and Public Liturgies in the Diocese of Dunkeld are now cancelled until further notice. It is a decision which is extremely sad for us all, especially at this holy time of year which leads us to the great Easter Feast, but I hope you will be in agreement with this prudent decision made by the Bishops of Scotland.

Although there will be no public Masses, I am celebrating the Eucharist privately each day for all of our parishioners, for the salvation of the world, the spread of the Gospel, and the needs of the People of God.

We are forbidden to carry out Baptisms and Weddings at present, and essentially private funeral services only at graveside or crematorium. Reconciliation can be celebrated by appointment, 1:1 at a safe distance.

Neither myself, nor Eucharistic ministers, can now visit with Communion unless someone is in imminent danger of death, when it should be myself that is contacted.   Phone numbers on website and in the bulletin.

Mass will be live streamed on Sundays at 10.30am from the Convent Chapel at Lawside through the Diocesan website at:

and will also be available for re-viewing. Other services during the week can also be found on the Diocesan website. Please use this service.