The Children’s Liturgy takes place on Sundays during 10.00 am Mass. We welcome all children aged between 4 and 8 years of age (or up until they make their first Holy Communion). It begins with the children gathering at the side alter of The Sacred Heart. After the first hymn, Father Greg greets the leaders and children and a child will then go forward to receive the book of the Liturgy. The children then process into the room, where they will explore the theme of the liturgy for the relevant Sunday. The work that is prepared is at the children’s level of understanding, through discussion, songs and creative work, of the days Gospel story. The children then rejoin the main church during the procession of gifts and present their work to Father Greg.

Our Children’s Liturgy leaders all have PVG’S – Protection of Vulnerable Groups Certificate. They also all attend annual awareness sessions. This is the criteria needed to be a Children’s Liturgy leader.

There is also a similar group that takes place at the 13.00 pm Polish Mass. This is a recent addition and is currently on one Sunday each month.

Marlene Kenny, Co-ordinator.