Last autumn the Justice and Peace Group of St Joseph’s Parish, Dundee, decided it needed a challenge and strongly moved by television footage of the plight of the people of Aleppo, decided to try to raise funds for a classroom for Syrian child refugees, using SCIAF’s Real Gifts scheme.

Initially the sum of GBP1125 seemed daunting, but our group decided to invite our neighbouring parish, St Andrew’s Cathedral, to work with us to raise funds. This request proved to be a huge boost to the cause and over the winter, table top sales, anonymous donations and finally a joint parish quiz night took the fund raising over the finishing line, for not just one classroom, but two, with the wonderful sum of GBP2250 realised by Lent 2017.

Our parish school, St Joseph’s Primary, joined in and used the real gifts scheme to provide school books for the children using the classrooms and the venture was concluded with the Offertory procession at mass in St Joseph’s on SCIAF Sunday. Parishioners of both parishes and children of our school offered models of the classrooms and sample books to be used by Syrian children in their refugee camps.

Our grateful thanks go to our parish priests, teachers, children and parishioners for their support and generosity.

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