The Foodbank Project continues to do well and thanks to the generosity of our parishioners 460 kilos of food and provisions were supplied.

At Christmas our SVdP Conference supplied food to 12 families and a further 20 parishioners were helped with money chocolates and Christmas cards. We gave Victoria and Roxburgh £150 for their comfort fund for the patients.

Hospital Visits. Each week we try to visit the sick at Victoria Hospital. As well as distributing communion , we take time to speak to them and often to other patients in the wards who have very few visitors. (some have other faiths and some have none) We have only 5 SVdP members of whom only 2  are Eucharistic ministers namely Pauline Veal, Nick Toner and occasionally some members of the University Conference (usually Mitch Waite). Just last week John Mackay also volunteered to help.  This year we have visited 328 patients.
We are still awaiting a Chaplain for Royal Victoria.

We have visited many homes in the parish namely 328 but because of shortages of volunteers, we are unable to visit everyone we would like to see, including patients in the care homes.

Our church door collections are £1115.10
Relief to needy parishioners is £854.42
Twinning(educational help to Young Indians) £120/year
Other donations (Space and asylum seekers ) £300
Furniture project £160
Caravan project £160

We would like to thank the parishioners of St. Joseph’s parish for their continual support.

With only 5 members St, Joseph’s conference we are limited in what we can do. We do need new members both young and old so that we can continue to serve our parishioners.

The national office is planning a recruitment drive to attract new members nationally. Did you know that there are 780,000 members throughout the world?

We would be grateful for your views on attracting new members to the St, Joseph’s conference

Charlie Welsh
President St, Joseph’s St. Vincent de Paul Conference


Last autumn the Justice and Peace Group of St Joseph’s Parish, Dundee, decided it needed a challenge and strongly moved by television footage of the plight of the people of Aleppo, decided to try to raise funds for a classroom for Syrian child refugees, using SCIAF’s Real Gifts scheme.

Initially the sum of GBP1125 seemed daunting, but our group decided to invite our neighbouring parish, St Andrew’s Cathedral, to work with us to raise funds. This request proved to be a huge boost to the cause and over the winter, table top sales, anonymous donations and finally a joint parish quiz night took the fund raising over the finishing line, for not just one classroom, but two, with the wonderful sum of GBP2250 realised by Lent 2017.

Our parish school, St Joseph’s Primary, joined in and used the real gifts scheme to provide school books for the children using the classrooms and the venture was concluded with the Offertory procession at mass in St Joseph’s on SCIAF Sunday. Parishioners of both parishes and children of our school offered models of the classrooms and sample books to be used by Syrian children in their refugee camps.

Our grateful thanks go to our parish priests, teachers, children and parishioners for their support and generosity.